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I started work on a short high-fantasy story in early December. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do with it: elf and orc shelter from a snowstorm in the same cave, get to know one another, etc etc. I had a fairly detailed outline written from start to finish.

Then I started thinking: so, what is orcish culture like? Because I refuse to believe it's just about killing things and being evil. So I started fleshing out that culture and got a bit carried away.

Then I thought: so, what does this elf do? And for some reason I thought: what if she was a lawyer? The sort who specialises in finding loopholes for the sort of people who are stupid enough to make deals with devils or fairies. And I started fleshing out the background to that (because one of the big rules of fantasy is: whatever the "rules of magic" are, they need to be self-consistent).

Then I thought: this is really drifting away from the D&D-ish high fantasy that it started out as. Does it really need to be about orcs and elves? Wouldn't these ideas work just as well with different varieties of humans? And where does it go after this chance meeting? So by now the well-sketched-out short story had become a very large and vaguely-conceptualised potential novel.

I'm not anywhere near ready to start writing that; the ideas still need to ferment for a while yet. But I wanted to write something set in that world to help solidify some ideas (and also as a stand-alone teaser for the larger work). So I thought "maybe if I write a short story in that universe..."

It's probably a good thing I'm not writing for an employer who's waiting on me.



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